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M Caught Learning

I caught M reading the workbook I’m using as part of his kindergarten curriculum.

I really love this workbook! It does a great job of using pictures to teach kids how to draw letters, the sound each letter makes, how the letters are put together to form words, and then checks their understanding of the words they just formed. It does this all with fun pictures, activities, and stickers!

The front cover shows how it easily incorporate the S into a picture which boys will enjoy. All of the letters have fun pictures. The “a” is half an apple, the “i” is the legs of insects, and “p” is the tail and body of a parrot.

The Phonics Workbook teaches a lot more than just how to make letters, it also teaches the sounds and how to put words together. There are also tidbits of information hidden throughout the workbook, for example, insects have six legs, frogs use their sticky tongues to grab and eat insects, and what a saucepan is.

In teaching the sound of the letter “d”, children have a page of dinosaurs at the beach and they are told to find two dinosaurs dancing, a Dino diving into the deep blue sea, three dinosaurs having a delicious dinner, a Dino dentist, and a Dino detective making a discovery. The workbook then asks if the children can find any more things beginning with the letter d.

The book also is great at helping the kids see the use of these letters. The first four letters are “s”,”a”,”t”, and “p”. Before the book teaches any more letters, it puts these together into sat, pat, and tap. On the same two page spread, the child has to choose which picture(out of three) goes with sat, which picture (three new pictures) goes with pat, and the same for tap to ensure the child understood the lesson.