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The Church Mouse

Usborne is having a back-to-school sale right now. One of the 30% off books is The Church Mouse. This is such a sweet story. I have to admit, I don’t remember ever reading it before. The author and illustrator, Graham Oakley, is one of the UK’s best -loved children’s illustrators. And The Church Mouse is popular in the UK, although not as well know here in the the US.

I loved how Sampson, the church cat, listened to so many sermons about God blessing the meek that he wanted to be meek himself. I also loved that he had so much brotherly love, just as humans are to love those around us, even when they are so mean to us.

I also like the school mouse with all his funny sayings and misquotes. Misquoting some famous sayings, he says some nasty things about Sampson at the sad low point in the story. Later in the story, Sampson doesn’t want to do what the school mouse suggests and mumbles, “Wolves in potted sheep’s feathers aren’t very good at climbing the backs of chairs.” But when Arthur repeats the idea, he obliges. Sampson by himself cannot reach the church bells to ring for help when a burglar tries to get out of the carpet. The theater mouse has this idea:

How does the burglar get rolled up in the carpet? Will help come? Will Sampson and the mice reconcile? You’ll have to read The Church Mouse to find out!