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The Butterfly

The Butterfly is a charming picture book written for preschool and early elementary children. M and B enjoy “reading” it. Michael Crosse and the London Butterfly House were consulted to be sure all the information is accurate. One thing I really liked is how the book helps check children’s comprehension with a few questions. But I also like how every other sentence is not a question!

The illustrations are beautifully done. As you can see it is a good sized book, just over 10×10 (inches).

I’m not sure what the fishy face is for. An hour or so later I caught B reading it to her pink stuffed lion.

The Butterfly was written by Anna Milbourne & illustrated by Cathy Shimmen. Anna has written many books for Usborne, including The Dinosaur, The Little Pony, and the Pipkin series.


Where Do Baby Animals Come From? (And Baby People Too.)

Since I just got this book at the Heartland Regional and since I just email a friend a description of it two days before that, I thought it should be my next Book Note.

This is a new book in the Pipkin series. It’s very appropriate for kids. In the book Pipkin wants to know where baby animals come from.

He finds out some come from eggs and some from the mommy’s tummy. He asks his parents, a seal friend, a whale, baby turtles, and a little boy. It has a poster in the back you can hang on the wall. It tells the names of babies, like seals are pups and lions are cubs. It also goes through the life cycle of a frog and butterfly.

The book is a pretty good size, just over 10″ by 10″. It’s a hardback with squishy embroidered/shiny lettering/snowflakes on the cover. It is by Anna Milborne and illustrated by Serena Riglietti.

Heartland Regional, 9-15-2012

I had a great time at the Heartland Regional yesterday.

Everyone got a prize and mine was Where Do Baby Animals Come From? Written by Anna Milbourne and illustrated by Serena Riglietti.

I thought I would share the things from my notes that stand out to me:

– Team growth provides stability for difficult times when you can’t do as much or need a lot of flexibility. Like when you are taking care a family member who is dying so they don’t have to go into a nursing home.

– EDC (the US publisher of Usborne books and Kane Miller) is a Debt Free publicly traded company.

– I should have a plan for where I want to be in 5 yrs (10 yrs, 20 yrs) with Usborne and life!

This isn’t so much something I learned, but thought was funny. However, I did learn what an infographic is.

– I decided I should set up a Facebook page, but not let it take over my business “time” and I really need to schedule my work time so Usborne doesn’t take over. I should keep work time only as work time.

– If I do a door prize, have people fill it out during four different parts during the party. How do you get people to wait was always my question before. Now I know! Highlight each section in a different color.

– I don’t want to be pushy, so how do I recruit for people who could really use this opportunity? I know listening is the key and thinking “How can Usborne help this person meet their needs?” I already knew this. One thing that helped was what one lady said: “Don’t shove information down the person’s throat. If I think she can do this, tell her! Let her know you will help her and train her.” Sometimes, she wants to do it, but isn’t sure she can.

– Instead of offering a free book to anyone who brings an uninvited guest to a home show, offer to pay tax. If she doesn’t order, I’m not out anything! And I’ll offer to pay the guest’s shipping. If they both order one book, I come out ahead instead of behind if I had given a $10 book.

– I really liked the “7 Keys to Comprehension” session. I’m going to turn it into a separate post, so stay tuned!