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That’s Not My Monster!

Themed party idea with kids: “That’s Not My Monster…” Party! Themed parties for children include a story, book, craft, and snack (optional, most of the time I can work around food allergies). The price varies based on the book and which snack, or meal in this case. This party works best in the summer.

CRAFT: Blow-painted monsters (pages 42-43 in 365 Things to Make and Do, it was a customer special June 2012) are made with washable paint, straws, pens, craft eyes (optional), anything else you are inspired to use, and colored/construction paper. The hostess (YOU!) and/or her kids make a monster a day or two before the party. At the party each of the kids will make their own monster and we will encourage them to show us how their monster is different than the example.

B (age 3) had a hard time blowing out the paint, so hers was more of a drop monster. Later she came back, dumped a lot of the purple paint, and hand painted the page entirely purple.

Did I mention she then helped V (almost 1) paint her foot? You really want to use WASHABLE paint. I’m very glad I did!

One SNACK idea is ants on a log (or car if the kids are old enough to put the tooth pick in without getting hurt!), again encourage them to make their ants better than the example. And to show you how a good of a monster they can be when they eat the ants!

Cupcakes would also work well, frost them for younger kids and have them put on decorations to make Monster cupcakes.

Monster Sandwiches would also be awesome! Use round sandwich rolls (or buns), assorted cold cuts and slices cheeses, firm tomatoes sliced thin, cucumber also sliced thin, assorted lettuce leaves (not sliced!), bell peepers sliced to look like horns or fangs and any other things you think would be good! The picture I have of the sandwich has olive eyes, but I don’t like those, so I’ll use something else.

Here is my 7 yr old with his Monster.

Here’s my 5 yr old with his three horned monster.

Here is our friend’s sandwich. He came over for the day to play along with his younger sister. Her sandwich is next:

Yum! I’m getting hungry for some monsters!

Here is my three yr old’s sandwich.

I’m sorry to say my kids wouldn’t eat the radishes without lots of ranch. B (age 3) picked hers all apart, just like every other sandwich.

Well it looks like I gave enough snack ideas for a meal! I can help you make all the craft and food prep ahead of time.

The STORY could be “That’s Not My Monster …“, “This is My Monster“, “Monsters Aren’t Real“, or the awesome new title, “The Whatif Monster“, Some additional books to choose for the kids could take home (hostess choice) are “Monster Things to Make and Do“, “Noisy Monsters“, “Monsters Sticker Book“, “Monsters Coloring Book“, “1001 Monster things to spot“, or the activity card set “Monster Doodles“.


Elise’s Ballerina Party

We had a great party yesterday! We had a craft, story time, and I used some of my new skills to make a Ballerina Cake. I used the instructions for the Ballerina from I Can Draw People. I forgot to take pictures of the party, but I did remember to take a picture of the cake. Each of the girls also went home with Sticker Dolly Dressing Ballerinas. Elise earned $105 in free books, Congratulations! I earned the 5% bonus in July, so thank you everyone who ordered at this party and the others in July!