My First Square Cake.

Up Close on my first gum paste rose.

Cake with Fondant and Gum Paste.

Close up view.

V’s one yr cake.

This was the cake I made at the end of the Wilton Course 2 class, notice the supplies in the background? I couldn’t decide on a bottom border, or if I wanted to do rosettes at the top of each scallop.

Here is another view of the butter-cream roses; roses are much easier in royal icing.

I used the instructions for the Ballerina from I Can Draw People to decorate this cake.

My First Cake after my second lesson in Wilton’s course 1. I thought it was okay then, but now….. I know I can do much better.

This little guy I made from almost dry Royal Icing. I didn’t get sticks for his arms or fabric for a scarf and hat before the kids started begging to eat him and the other two, so I decided to just take the picture and let the kids eat the snowmen.

Poor snowman was crushed by a child trying to secure his head better. You can see some of my royal icing roses in the background.


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