Conspiracy 365 June and Brumbies

Cal escaped the plane crash alive! But will Sumo and Kelvin finally (with 173 pages left to go) catch him?

Thanks to a mob of wild brumbies, Kelvin is taken out of the picture, for a bit at least!

Do you know what makes up a mob of wild brumbies? I didn’t before reading this book! At first, mob was what stuck out to me. I was so confused, why was a mob running in the middle of nowhere? Could they be Kangaroos? No, it says they have sharp hooves. “What kind of animal is this?” I wondered.

I figured they must be some kind of pony, horse or zebra (although I thought I would have heard of zebras in Australia). What does a yahoo search come back with for “mob of brumbies”? Hmm…rugby, a mob of Wallabies joins the Brumbies. I read the link, but I just don’t know enough about rugby. It sounded to me like minor and major league baseball, but I don’t know much about that either.

So after that tangent, what is a brumby anyway, you may ask. According to all the sources I’ve seen including Oklahoma State University Department of Animal Science, a brumby is a wild horse. They stay in mobs (herds) like many social animals.

“…a rip, roarin’, action adventure, thriller that had my heart pumping faster as I gobbled up the pages. And when I was done, I wanted the next book . . . desperately. At least the wait will only be a month away, not a year like most books. What an awesome idea this is! So, bring it on Gabrielle Lord. I am definitely ready to find out what happens next…” – Reading Reviews (February, 2010)


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