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Book Fair!

I’m having a book fair this week! It’s so exciting! I made this flyer for it.

I am immensely enjoying working with 5 Star Learning Ranch this week. The place is truly amazing. The rooms’ set up is amazing!

I love how the rooms are set up with a quiet loft area for reading and so many adorable high quality child size tables, chairs, bathrooms, and other fun kid sized amenities. I love how there is cowboy and cowgirl wall decor everywhere, but it is subtle enough that one doesn’t notice until he/she really looks.

The teachers are exceedingly sweet and compassionate. If we were in need of a daycare or looking for a preschool, 5 Star would be at the top of the list.

For more information about book fairs, click here. For more information about fundraising, a reading incentive program or a grant programs from Usborne Books & More, click here.


Changing the Teacher Gift Idea

I ran out of the flowers I had for the School and Library Catalog Gift. So I tried these instead.

Do you like the flowers I used in September (below) or November (above) better?

Facebook Page!

I set up a Facebook page in mid-September, but it just occurred to me that I should make sure everyone knows! I post reading tips, sales, and things I’m doing with Usborne.

I’d love to see you there too! Thank you for visiting Usborne By April today!

The Butterfly

The Butterfly is a charming picture book written for preschool and early elementary children. M and B enjoy “reading” it. Michael Crosse and the London Butterfly House were consulted to be sure all the information is accurate. One thing I really liked is how the book helps check children’s comprehension with a few questions. But I also like how every other sentence is not a question!

The illustrations are beautifully done. As you can see it is a good sized book, just over 10×10 (inches).

I’m not sure what the fishy face is for. An hour or so later I caught B reading it to her pink stuffed lion.

The Butterfly was written by Anna Milbourne & illustrated by Cathy Shimmen. Anna has written many books for Usborne, including The Dinosaur, The Little Pony, and the Pipkin series.

Conspiracy 365 June and Brumbies

Cal escaped the plane crash alive! But will Sumo and Kelvin finally (with 173 pages left to go) catch him?

Thanks to a mob of wild brumbies, Kelvin is taken out of the picture, for a bit at least!

Do you know what makes up a mob of wild brumbies? I didn’t before reading this book! At first, mob was what stuck out to me. I was so confused, why was a mob running in the middle of nowhere? Could they be Kangaroos? No, it says they have sharp hooves. “What kind of animal is this?” I wondered.

I figured they must be some kind of pony, horse or zebra (although I thought I would have heard of zebras in Australia). What does a yahoo search come back with for “mob of brumbies”? Hmm…rugby, a mob of Wallabies joins the Brumbies. I read the link, but I just don’t know enough about rugby. It sounded to me like minor and major league baseball, but I don’t know much about that either.

So after that tangent, what is a brumby anyway, you may ask. According to all the sources I’ve seen including Oklahoma State University Department of Animal Science, a brumby is a wild horse. They stay in mobs (herds) like many social animals.

“…a rip, roarin’, action adventure, thriller that had my heart pumping faster as I gobbled up the pages. And when I was done, I wanted the next book . . . desperately. At least the wait will only be a month away, not a year like most books. What an awesome idea this is! So, bring it on Gabrielle Lord. I am definitely ready to find out what happens next…” – Reading Reviews (February, 2010)

Conspiracy 365, My Fast Review

Probably the thing I love about this series most is how Lord intertwines history, geography, science, technology, culture, and many interesting tidbits into this story. Kids, tweens, and teens are learning while reading a fun exciting thriller mystery!