Conspiracy 365

There are many reviews on this exciting series (see the bottom of this post and the next, the official C365 site and my Usborne order site).

I started reading this series so I could help my customers, but I can hardly put it down! I was working the Aurora Farmers Market on Saturday, so after packing the van Friday night, I finished April and wanted to start May, but I had to wait until after the Market on Sat! Oh, the suspense! By the way, I finished June last night!


I also added a few new words to my vocabulary, cravat being one. In case you are also unfamiliar with it, a cravat is a forerunner of the neck tie. If you love Jane Austen like I do, you probably recognize Mr Darcy sporting one in the 1995 BBC version of Pride and Prejudice:


This is probably more how Sligo sports his:


“The Conspiracy 365 series is quite possibly one of the best series books for young adults on the market today. The books are relatively short, and they are very quick reads. This makes it a perfect series for the over-scheduled teens of today who want that instant gratification they can more often find on the computer and in video games. The non-stop action in Conspiracy 365 will grab the reader instantly and not let go until December 31st! Reluctant readers will be inspired to read – and they won’t just be inspired for one book, but rather for twelve. This series could easily take a reluctant reader, and by the end of the twelfth book, turn him into an avid reader. It is a series that would be enjoyed by boys and girls alike, and it has characters that continue to grow and deepen in each book.” – Book Trends, July 14, 2010


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