My First 9 Weeks

I am just past my 9 week mark and will be in my first 12 weeks selling Usborne until Aug 27th at 10am. I know it’s a funny cut off time, but that helps the staff at the home office.

This first 12 weeks are an incentive period. When I first signed up, my friend Mary C. told me to make sure I take advantage of the 12 weeks. I’ve now sold enough that if someone signs up under me, I’ll get $50 worth of books/supplies!

So I’m wondering if you or someone you know would be interested in selling Usborne Books & More. The commission is 25% and the August deal for signing up is awesome! If you sign up by August 26th, I’ll let you choose $30 worth of books! If you refer someone, I’ll let you choose $10 and the one signing up $20! Just be sure to email or call me. The kit, which I paid $149 for, is on sale for $69! This is a great deal! If you are considering this at all, please give me call. Even if you don’t sign up, I’d love to answer any questions you may have.

God has been at work since this journey started, and I’m excited to see what else he does! In July my sales were ranked 24th in the USA. I earned a Whatif Monster (the stuffed monster that goes with this book) and a bonus in July! Since starting at the beginning of June, I’ve had six parties and one booth.


One response to “My First 9 Weeks

  1. You are doing so well!!

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