Elisabeth’s Party Tonight!

I’m so excited for Elisabeth’s party tonight! She has three boys 5 and under. You can check out her blog about her sweet middle son, Wesley here. What’s better than helping Elisabeth get free books for her boys? Helping Katie bring home her next child(ren)! I’m giving my commission from tonight’s sales to their adoption fund!!!!

Katie is a close friend. She’s a wonderful mom to two girls and a son and hopefully soon another one or two! I was going to say her two most recent posts made me cry! They were so touching. But there’s a new post! So I’m going to read it after I finish this post, workout, shower, eat lunch, prepare for the show tonight….hmm, hopefully I’ll get to read it today! I’m so excited for Josh and Katie to adopt! Josh is the lead pastor at our church. Our first Sunday was the Sunday he joined Tab on the pastoral team. Now Tab is in CA. We miss Tab and Sung, but are glad for their friendship and obedience to follow God’s call.

Yeah, I’m super excited for Josh and Katie to adopt! Come tonight and support them and Elisabeth! If you can’t make it, you can order online! The commission will still go to Josh and Katie!


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